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Fischer Walking Stick Adjustable Height


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This unique Fischer walking stick is biometrically shaped handle designed to evenly spread pressure across the palm of the hand, it is especially useful for arthritics or those with poor grip

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This unique Fischer walking stick adjustable height, biometrically shaped handle designed to evenly spread pressure across the palm of the hand. Useful for arthritics or those with poor grip. Available in various sizes.

How to get the perfect length walking stick for you –

It is very important for both your safety and posture when using a walking stick to have it at the correct height for your body. 

To measure the length you need simply stand straight, in your normal footwear and have your arms casually by your side, then measure yourself or get somebody to do it for you from the floor to your wrist bone.

A height adjustable stick will state the height they are from and to, and this will go up in 1” indents, so you should look for where your required height is within these options.

Remember to take into account various ferrule heights

Various sticks available –

Folding – This is the most popular type of stick sold due to its ability to be folded away when not in use.  Their weight limit varies so always check if it’s suitable for you.

Quad base – Ideal for those who need more support at it has a larger base area and spreads your weight easily, there are a variety of widths available with the Quad or Tri bases

Height adjustable and fixed – With either a ball integrated into the shaft or a clip to secure the height you have chosen, the heights go up or down in 1” indents.  Fixed heights will always stay the same unless it is a wooden stick which can be cut down, fixed sticks tend to be stronger so can hold more weight but not as flexible as the height adjustable sticks

Handles –

‘T’ style – Designed for a good grip because you can put your thumb over the front and grip more at the back

Ergonomic and contoured handle – Ideal for people with arthritis or who want a more comfortable, less pressured hold

Crook – traditional wooden stick handle and makes hanging the stick when not in use easier

Swan necks – offset your weight down the stick by projecting the hand more forward

As well as various handles, you can also get left or right handed handles depending on your personal requirements.


Walking stick accessories are available and these include –

Walking stick strap – keep your stick attached to you and never leave it behind again!

Ferrules of various heights, grips and colours

Walking stick grip – enables you to hang your stick from tables or work tops

Bags – to keep your folding walking stick safe and secure

Stick holders for Rollators and frames are also available


















Fischer Walking Stick Adjustable Height

 Maximum user weight 127kg (20st).

Fischer Walking Stick Adjustable Height

 Maximum user weight 127kg (20st).

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