Wheelchair Accessories


  1. Lap Strap for Wheelchair or Scooter

    Lap Strap for Wheelchair or Scooter

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    A simple adjustable strap that can be secured around the backrest or arm rest of a wheelchair or scooter so the user can have the feeling of extra security and comfort.
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  2. Wheelchair Seat Cover - 46cm x 41cm

    Wheelchair Seat Cover - 46cm x 41cm

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    When you are out in your wheelchair or scooter do you find that after a certain amount of time the seat can become clammy or warm? Our Fleece seat covers have the ability to prevent the clammy feeling and keep ...
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  3. Fleece Lined Wheelchair Mac With Sleeves

    Fleece Lined Wheelchair Mac With Sleeves

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    Perfect if you need head to toe coverage while you are out and about in your wheelchair, with soft elasticated cuffs on the sleeves to ensure that there is no chaffing on the skin, neckline zip to able you to ...
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  4. Rolyan Economy Moulded Lap Tray

    Rolyan Economy Moulded Lap Tray

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    This lightweight economy wheelchair tray features a raised edge to stop items falling off and a cupholder. The tray will also easily fit to the majority...

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  5. Scooter Cape Royal Blue

    Scooter Cape Royal Blue

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    Don't let the bad weather stop you getting out and about! This fully waterproof, elasticated hem and neckline zipped scooter cape is ideal to use when you want to keep both yourself and your shopping dry. It's draught free, a ...
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  6. Wheelchair Poncho Lined

    Wheelchair Poncho Lined

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    VAT EXEMPT £43.68

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Here in our Wheelchair Accessories section you will find a wide range of aids designed to provide you with additional comfort, storage and improved mobility whilst using your Wheelchair. We pride ourselves on providing all wheelchair users with high quality Wheelchair Accessories at great prices, therefore providing solutions to elderly and disabled users, regardless of budget and circumstance. We understand wheelchair users use their wheelchairs in many different environments and for many different needs. For example some users like to take their wheelchairs on holiday with them, so that they can use them for day trips, In such instances additional storage is usually required, we provide a range of Wheelchair Bags to help with such an issue. We are also aware that Electric Wheelchairs, and even some standard wheelchairs, can be quite heavy, heavy enough that bringing them into a building or loading them into a vehicle can become problematic. As such, we have compiled a number of product solutions within our Wheelchair Ramps section. You will also find a whole host of other useful Wheelchair Accessories such as Wheelchair Covers, Wheelchair Cushions, Wheelchair Wheels and Wheelchair Batteries.



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