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Walking Aids and Mobility Aids

Our Mobility section provides a selection of walking aids and mobility aids, for users seeking assistance with walking difficulties, mobility issues and assistance with moving more easily.

We offer a number of walking frames, and accessories, such as hi-riser folding frames, wheeled walking frames, deluxe folding walking frame, Buckingham walking frame caddy, apron bags for frames and net bags for frames. These walking frames, and accompanying accessories, will provide exceptional walking assistance. 

Our rollator section is filled full of high quality rollators, for every need. We provide easy fold rollators, all terrain rollators, lightweight rollators, four-wheeled rollators, three wheeled rollators and lightweight rollators. Rollators can enhance your ability to walk greater distances and make it much easier to get out and about.

Our walking sticks and crutches section offer a number of walking aids and mobility aids, to assist you in moving around, both iside and out. Such products are comfy grip crutches, adjustable wide based sticks - quadruped, adjustable wide based sticks - tripod, coloured elbow crutches, ergonomic contoured grip sticks, shock absorbing grips and folding walking sticks.

Within our wheelchair section we offer a number of wheelchairs to suit particular needs, such as transport chairs which are ideal for travelling and occasional use, escape lite wheelchairs which are extremely light, possess a foldable frame and have been specially designed for ease of transportation and storage. We also offer attendant propelled wheelchairs and self propelled wheelchairs.

Within the cushion and ramps section we have looked to provide you with practicle mobility aids, to help you deal with any mobility or disability issues you are suffering with. Soft gel cushions, coccyx wave cushions, anyway cushions and fleece top cushions offer additional support and comfort. Scooter ramps, threshold ramps, folding access channel ramps, suitcase ramps, roll-up ramps, telescopic broad ramps, lightweight chanel ramps, roll out trackways and modular ramp kits derive an extensive collection of ramps to assist the user in getting in and out of rooms, houses, ect.

The mobility accessories sections hosts a collection of accessories to accompany walking frames, scooters, wheelchairs, rollators, trolleys, beds, walking sticks, walking aids, ect.



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