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  1. Kura Care Cutlery Set - Red and White

    Kura Care Cutlery Set - Red and White

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    This new set of stainless steel Kura Care Cutlery with bright red and white plastic handles has been specially created for those who find it difficult to grip ordinary cutlery, in particular those with arthritis, and also to coordinate with ...
    VAT EXEMPT £11.66
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  2. Wide Polyurethane Shower Stool

    Wide Polyurethane Shower Stool

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    This height adjustable Polyurethane Shower Stool was suggested by Occupational Therapists and is designed to fill the gap between a standard perching stool and bariatric shower stool, yet will still fit into most showers. Features a comfortable polyurethane seat and ...
    VAT EXEMPT £140.85

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  3. Super Sized Toilet Seat

    Super Sized Toilet Seat

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    The ergonomically designed, Super Sized Toilet Seat is larger in diameter than a standard seat, making it more suitable for a bigger person. It has a high maximum user weight limit and is strong and sturdy, made from urea plastic. ...
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  4. High Vision Lamp Black - Table

    High Vision Lamp Black - Table

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    • Perfect Solution for Controlling Appliances in Hard to Reach Places • OptionalMotion Detector & Door Switch • Easy to Use - NoWiring! Specially designed lamp using daylight bulbs allows you to read and concentrate for longer, helping to relieve eyestrain and headaches. Supplied ...
    VAT EXEMPT £39.16

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  5. Geemarc Photophone - 100 Big Button Telephone

    Geemarc Photophone - 100 Big Button Telephone

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    Ideal for anyone who has reduced eyesight, hearing or early dementia. 8 large photo buttons as well as big button. keypads Maximum volume of 30dB Flashes to signal incoming call Hands free ...

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  6. Homecraft Three Key Turner

    Homecraft Three Key Turner

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    The key turner is designed with a curved, built up handle that will hold keys and provide you with an easier grip hold when turning any Yale or Mortice style key. There are one, two and three key turner options ...
    VAT EXEMPT £5.42

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  7. Magnifier Sheet | magnifying sheet | page magnifier | reading magnifier

    Sheet Magnifier

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    Full page flexible magnifier with 'soft-touch' frame for positioning and comfort. Hold a few inches above page to magnify subject matter. Features and Benefits ...

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  8. Talking Atomic Watches

    Talking Atomic Watches

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    These attractive watches speak the time and date in a clear voice with radio controlled accuracy. Automatically adjusts between summer and winter time and has an automatic setting function by seeking the time signal in countries where available including UK, ...

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