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  1. Abena Arbi-San Premium Pads for Light to Moderate Incontinence

    Abena Arbi-San Premium Pads for Light to Moderate Incontinence

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    These anatomically shaped pads feature a 3 layered core to help keep skin dry. Offers unique protection against leakage and super soft flat lengthwise barriers. Simply fix these unisex pads in place with the use of the self-adhesive strips on the ...
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  2. TENA Flex Plus - Large

    TENA Flex Plus - Large

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    TENA Flex minimises the need for moving and lifting, making pad changing less intrusive for the wearer and has been proven to reduce the risk of back strain on carers. Belted TENA Flex with FeelDry™ technology offers outstanding dryness providing ...
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  3. Nilaqua Towel Off Body wash

    Nilaqua Towel Off Body wash

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    Non-fragranced and antibacterial, this body wash is specially formulated to kill germs, yet remains kind and gentle to the skin. Its alcohol and paraben-free formula is mild and non-irritating and leaves skin fresh and odour free. Ideal to use with ...
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