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  1. Easi Grip Garden Tool - Trowel

    Easi Grip Garden Tool - Trowel

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    At Ability Aware we want you to get out in the sunshine and enjoy your gardening time! Our Easy grip garden trowel is great way to start, have a look through out selection of outside helping aids
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  2. Soft Transfer Seat

    Soft Transfer Seat

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    A soft transfer seat is a padded, soft turning disc that goes in the car, on the bed or your chair. It assists in a turning movement that stops you from having to turn too much which can cause you ...
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  3. Handybar


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    The handy bar is like the Swiss army knife of support handles! It fits into most vehicles with the "U" shaped striker, it has a soft grip non slip handle, has a seat belt cutter and glass breaker in-case of ...
    VAT EXEMPT £24.75
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Here you will find items that help you when travelling or going about your daily activities. From bags to handy bars, you'll be surprised how much a product can make a difference in your mobility and comfort.



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