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  1. Malling Perching Stool With Arms and Plain Back

    Malling Perching Stool With Arms and Plain Back

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    Aidapt's Malling Perching Stools are a tried and trusted range of products. The Malling Perching Stool range is height adjustable and has the benefit of side mounted stress bars, which dramatically improve both the strength and stability of the ...
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  2. Torbay Bariatric Perching Stool With Arms and Back

    Torbay Bariatric Perching Stool With Arms and Back

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    The Torbay Bariatric Perching Stool is a heavy duty perching stool with comfortable padded seat, ideal for those who need to perch while carrying out everyday tasks.
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Do you struggle to stand by the counter top in your kitchen? Do you find it hard to wash the dishes? Nobody wants to be in pain while brushing their teeth! A Perching Stool might very well be the answer and is designed to allow closer access to kitchen units and bathroom sinks so you can be fully supported in day to day tasks. They used to be so easy to do - so let's get it back to being a bit easier again! In our Perching Stools section we offer a wide variety, at great prices, providing many possible solutions for people who find standing for long periods challenging, regardless of budget and circumstance. We understand that everyone is different, and as such have different needs and preferences, that’s why we provide a vast selection of Perching stools from Bariatric Perching Stools, to folding and height adjustable Perching Stools. So whether the need is for a perching solution which can be stored away easily, or a heavy duty perching solution for heavier people, or a padded one with/without arms and a back, we are sure a solution can be found.  The Perching Stool can be obtained via prescription so that tells you how in demand it is and what a vital bit of equipment it is for people to carry on as pain free and easily as possible in their own homes.  So feel free to browse our selection to see which type of stool would suit you!



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