1. Pocket or Hand Heat Pad

    Pocket or Hand Heat Pad

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    Suitable and simple to use on any out door activity or on a chilly day, just take it out of your pocket or bag - you can be anywhere, doing anything from standing in a que to heading up a ...
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  2. Hand Heat Pad

    Hand Heat Pad

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    With a slightly larger design than the pocket heat pad and it comes with a strap to attach it to your hand this heat pad is suitable and simple to use on any out door activity or on a chilly ...
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  3. Massage Balls

    Massage Balls

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    Use on the body in circular motions for a massage to improve circulation and stimulate muscles. Individual sizes are specifically designed to target different areas of the body. The large 10cm blue is for use ...

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  4. Kidney Dish

    Kidney Dish

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    The Kidney Dish is ideal for use in cleaning wounds and changing dressings hygienically, as the curved, concave edge can be pressed against the curves of the body and catch any debris or fluid.


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  5. Biofreeze Spray 118ml (4oz)

    Biofreeze Spray 118ml (4oz)

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    Biofreeze Spray  is a pain-relieving formulation that contains isopropyl alcohol, and that penetrates quickly to relieve or prevent pain. Biofreeze is the Number 1 topical pain reliever recommended by hands on healthcare professionals as it offers ...
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  6. Medeci Link Arm Universal

    Medeci Link Arm Universal

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    Simple to click in and use without the need for tools, these aluminium link arms are easy to clean and enhance the versatility of Medeci furniture raisers.

    VAT EXEMPT £10.42
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  7. Able2 Pedal Exerciser

    Able2 Pedal Exerciser

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    This exerciser is brilliant and simple for building up muscle strength, circulation and co-ordination of both arms and legs. Easily stored away when not in use and provides you with gentle but effective exercise at home.
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Here in our Rehabilitation department you will find a wide range of aids designed to provide you with products that will help rehabilitate, post injury. We strive ourselves on providing high quality everyday aids, at fantastic prices, therefore allowing us to provide aids for all of our customers, regardless of budget and circumstance. We understand injuries can cause long lasting discomfort and problems. Our rehabilitation department is full of aids which have the potential to speed up the healing and rehabilitation process. Our range of Rehabilitation equipment, hopes to provide aids to help with some of the issues those individuals face throughout their rehabilitation period. We have a selection of pain relief gel, for when the pain becomes too much. We also have exercise balls and pedal exercisers to help rehabilitate injured muscles and joints. We also stock cervical collars.



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