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  1. Pill Puncher

    Pill Puncher

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    The Pill Puncher is a simple, clever and convenient gadget that removes tablets from blister packs, perfect for those with poor dexterity, arthritis or a weakened grip.

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  2. Pill Dispenser | Pill Organizer | Pillbox | Tablet Dispenser

    Economy Week Day Pill Dispenser

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    The Economy Week Day Pill Dispenser is ideal for people who take a large number of tablets each day as It has four clearly marked compartments for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime for each day of the week....

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  3. Pill Dispensers | Weekly pill dispensers | 7 day pill dispenser | 7 day pill organizer

    Weekly Pill Dispenser

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    This affordable Weekly Pill Dispenser is a clearly labelled 7 day medication dispenser. It has one compartment per day making it ideal for use as a general pill sorter or a pill dispenser during holidays.


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