Pill Dispensers


  1. Automatic Pill Dispenser

    Automatic Pill Dispenser

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    This Pill Dispenser will prompt people and dispense medication up to 28 times per day. For people who have difficulty remembering to take their medication on time or who have difficulty identifying the correct medication to take. It can be easily ...
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  2. Pill Box Reminder

    Pill Box Reminder

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    Pocket size pill box reminder can be worn round the neck and pre-set to sound when you are due to take your medication. With a real time display, audible alarm and flashing light, the reminder can also be used to ...
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  3. Pill Dispensers | Weekly pill dispensers | 7 day pill dispenser | 7 day pill organizer

    Weekly Pill Dispenser

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    This affordable Weekly Pill Dispenser is a clearly labelled 7 day medication dispenser. It has one compartment per day making it ideal for use as a general pill sorter or a pill dispenser during holidays.

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  4. Anabox Seven Day Pill Organiser

    Anabox Seven Day Pill Organiser

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    These pill organisers have seven clearly labelled compartments, with flip lids for easier opening. Colour may vary.
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  5. Tapestry Pill Case

    Tapestry Pill Case

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    This luxurious weekly pill organiser with tapestry effect cover has seven separate trays. Each daily tray has four compartments labelled Morn, Noon, Eve and Bed in words and Braille.
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  6. Pill organiser tabtime super 8

    Pill organiser tabtime super 8

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    we've all forgotten to take our tablets at one time or another, its frustrating but for some people it can be dangerous. With that in mind and especially designed for people who suffer from Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, the tabtime ...
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  7. Pill Dispenser | Pill Organizer | Pillbox | Tablet Dispenser

    Economy Week Day Pill Dispenser

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    The Economy Week Day Pill Dispenser is ideal for people who take a large number of tablets each day as It has four clearly marked compartments for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime for each day of the week....
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  8. Anabox® Pill Organisers

    Anabox Pill Organisers

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    Modern and innovative pill organisers, ergonomically designed for easier handling. Daily and Weekly organisers feature bigger morning compartments when most medication is taken. With a unique sliding lid, they also have small bumps under the dispensers to prevent them sliding ...
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  9. Pill Crushers And Dispenser

    Pill Crushers And Dispenser

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    These pill crushers use a simple screw action to crush uncoated pills into a powder ideal for mixing in a drink or putting in food.
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  10. Pill Puncher

    Pill Puncher

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    The Pill Puncher is a simple, clever and convenient gadget that removes tablets from blister packs, perfect for those with poor dexterity, arthritis or a weakened grip.

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