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  1. Latex Non Sterile Gloves Small

    LateExtra Non-Sterile Gloves Small

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    Latex Non-Sterile Gloves - Powder Free - Small
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  2. Latex Non-Sterile Gloves Large

    LateExtra Non-Sterile Gloves Large

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    Latex Non-Sterile Gloves - Powder Free - Large

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  3. Kidney Dish

    Kidney Dish

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    The Kidney Dish is ideal for use in cleaning wounds and changing dressings hygienically, as the curved, concave edge can be pressed against the curves of the body and catch any debris or fluid.


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  4. Vinyl Non Sterile Gloves Small

    Vinyl Non Sterile Gloves Small

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    Suitable for various medical and care environments including hospitals
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Here in our Health and Wellbeing department you will find a wide range of aids, designed to provide solutions to the many problems you face daily. We strive ourselves on providing high quality everyday aids, at fantastic prices, therefore allowing us to provide aids for all of our customers, regardless of budget and circumstance. We understand disabilities and a lack of mobility can cause hundreds of problems, which effect every part of everyday life, from being able to communicate effectively to having to arrange and organise medication appropriately. Our range of health and wellbeing products hopes to provide solutions to some of the many problems you face. For those individuals who are struggling with mobility, specifically experiencing joint and muscle pain, we have a range of massagers, knee supports, wrist supports, back supports and leg supports. Organising medication is highly important, within our pill organisers and pill crushers categories you are sure to find aids which will help you organise your medication effectively. We also have a variety of writing grips, leg lifters and adult bibs.



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