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  1. Wingmore Trolley - Height Adjustable

    Wingmore Trolley - Height Adjustable

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    The Wingmore Trolley plus Ability Awares amazing vat exempt price of just £33.13 (£39.76 incl vat) just makes this an amazing product to have in your home due to its durability, wheel guards and clip on tray
    VAT EXEMPT £37.50
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  2. Non slip tray | non slip trays | non slip trays uk | anti slip trays

    Non Slip Tray

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    The Non-Slip Tray, model HA-4255, is designed for use by individuals with balance, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities. This tray holds items without slippage at angles of up to 30 degrees. The tray is made with ...
    VAT EXEMPT £4.25
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