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  1. Cup Holder

    Cup Holder

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    This Cup Holder fits the very popular drinking cup (sold separately in a variety of colours) and has 2 large handles to assist with control for the user who has poor dexerity or a weakened grip making hot drinks ...
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  2. Duo


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    Duo is ideal for increasing grip and stability when drinking and enables you to drink out of the same cups as your family and friends. The DUO ergonomic clip on handle allows you to hold any standard cup with both ...

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  3. Boa Easy Open Lollipop and Can Pull Set

    Boa Easy Open Lollipop and Can Pull Set

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    These two products are a practical and indispensable addition to any home. The Boa Lollipop grips virtually any object of any shape or material and can be used to loosen or tighten. Simply slips over tops and lids, making them ...
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  4. Duo Cup and Mug Handle

    Duo Cup and Mug Handle

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    Duo mug and cup handle To enable easier drinking for people with reduced grip, hand or arm function. Alternative to two handles mugs and beakers Can fit cups from 70 - 90mm (3- 3½") in diameter Keeps hot mugs away from hands ...
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