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  1. Dignity Plate

    Dignity Plate

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    This plate has an extended rim allowing it to be gripped when eating. Its vertical sides make scooping food easier, without spillages. 9" diameter.
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In our Drinking Aids section you will find a wide variety of drinking solutions, for the elderly and the disabled, at great prices, making sure you find a solution to the problems being faced regardless of budget and circumstance. We understand eating and drinking can be an extremely difficult task if one is suffering with a lack of mobility. As such, we have strived to provide a great variety of aids to overcome such an issue. For those who find drinking challenging we have a selection of drinking cups, insulated mugs and nose cut out cups, all providing unique solutions to some of the difficulties faced when drinking. Eating can be extremely difficult, and leads to many having to be assisted, therefore losing their independence. However, we provide a range of possible solutions, such as Scoop Bowls, which provide the user with the ability to use their plate as a spoon/fork.



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