Toilet Aids


  1. Sangenic Refill Cassette

    Sangenic Refill Cassette

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    The Sangenic Refill Cassette tape ensures each item is individually wrapped in a fragranced, antibacterial film that keeps germs and odours at bay, for use with the Sangenic bins.

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  2. Flushmee Moist Wipes 50 Pack

    Flushmee Moist Wipes 50 Pack

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    Flushmee Moist Wipes 50 Pack are ideal for intimate cleansing, they moisturise and condition the skin and can be flushed down the toilet, specifically designed for continence care with a five-in-one action. 

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It's probably the most common first sign and concern when things start to change, we can't get up off the toilet, can't get to the toilet fast enough, can't control ourselves on the toilet, the list could go on and on.  Its ok, millions of others suffer so you're not alone, but this is currently about you and we want to help you get exactly what YOU need in order to keep that sense of pride and independence especially with such a private matter.

We stock a number of aids such as raised toilet seats, seat guards, tissue aids, frames, commodes and grab rails.  You can be assessed by your OT or social worker and even talk to your doctor about it.  But once you have an idea then please look at us and what we can help you with.  If you're still not sure then please call one of our shops or pop in and we can go through your problems discreetly and in confidence.  It's not the first time we've dealt with it before but it is for you so we just want to help you as much as possible.  There really are plenty of solutions.




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