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  1. Long Handled Sheepskin Pad

    Long Handled Sheepskin Pad

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  2. Wooden Grab Rail

    Wooden Grab Rail

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    Made of beech with metal brackets at the end, this grab rail comes in three sizes. The underside of the rail is contoured and the whole rail is slightly squared to aid grip. Attractive look so they are suitable ...
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  3. Coniston Rotating Bather

    Coniston Rotating Bather

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    The Coniston Rotating Bather is a high quality rotating bath seat. It is width adjustable, fitting not only standard baths, but also extra wide baths (up to 27/28"). The Coniston Bath Seat has a pivoting base that enables the seat to ...
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  4. Savanah® Slatted Bath Boards

    Savanah Slatted Bath Boards

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    Made with smooth, reinforced plastic slats, the Savanah slatted bath board provides a strong, comfortable, quick draining seat. Optional handle available for ease of transfer and extra security for the user. Depth 9 ¼ ".
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  5. Homecraft Bathtub Grab Rail

    Homecraft Bathtub Grab Rail

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    Clamp this rail to the side of the bath to provide a firm handle that helps give confidence and stability when getting in and out of the bath. Clamp adjustment 3 to 7". Not suitable for baths with a lip.
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  6. Long Handled Washers

    Long Handled Washers

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    Gives easy reach and can be bent to shape to reach awkward places.
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  7. Savanah® Raised Toilet Seat

    Savanah Raised Toilet Seat With Lid

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    "A raised toilet seat with a large rear cut-out for conventional personal cleansing. Smooth, contoured surface provides comfort and security. Two brackets allow easy and quick attachment and a front lip ensures correct positioning. Available with or without lid. Overall ...
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We have an extensive range of the highest quality bathroom aids and shower aids to help make life easier. For bathing we have Shower Seats and Stools that provide a stable seat for users when showering, Perching Stools to assist with showering by providing a stable seat, the highest quality Bath lifts for a safe entry and exit into the bath, Shower and Bath Boards to assist with bathing, Grab Rails that reduce the risk of slipping or losing balance, and to make bathing much easier we have a selection of cleaning aids; such as Long Handled Washers and Flannel Straps.

Our range of toilet aids have been selected based on their ability to help with toileting issues and their ability to keep the user as independent as possible. For toileting we have raised toilet seats which help the disabled and elderly with getting on and off the toilet, Commodes to make toileting easier and more convenient, powered toilet raisers which at the click of a button aid in getting the user on and off the toilet, and toilet frames which provide a safe and stable support for sitting on the toilet.



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