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  1. Foot Cleaner with Pumice | Foot Cleaner for Elderly | Foot Cleaner for Disabled

    Foot Cleaner With Pumice

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    Ideal for people who have limited access to clean their feet. It has suction cups on its underside so that it can be placed in a bath or shower easily and safely. It can be used with any type ...

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  2. Easy Sole Cleaner

    Easy Sole Cleaner

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    Easy Sole Cleaner. This gentle massage foot pad has hundreds of soft little 'fingers' to clean your feet with no bending or reaching. It attaches to the bathtub or shower floor by powerful suction cups on its underside. Simply ...

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  3. Pamper Spa Set

    Pamper Spa Set

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    Enables easier access to wash in the bath or shower. 15 piece Spa System takes away the need to bend, turn or twist when washing. Interchangeable heads Includes loofah brush, lotion applicator, body sponge and much ...
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  4. Long Reach Foot and Body Wash

    Long Reach Foot and Body Wash

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    Useful for people with limited access to feet. It has a plastic contoured handle with a nylon brush. One large and one small sponge supplied. Dimensions: Length: 610mm (24"). Weight 120g (4oz).
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  5. Nilaqua Towel Off Body wash

    Nilaqua Towel Off Body wash

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    Non-fragranced and antibacterial, this body wash is specially formulated to kill germs, yet remains kind and gentle to the skin. Its alcohol and paraben-free formula is mild and non-irritating and leaves skin fresh and odour free. Ideal to use with ...
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