Bathroom Aids


  1. Kidney Dish

    Kidney Dish

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    The Kidney Dish is ideal for use in cleaning wounds and changing dressings hygienically, as the curved, concave edge can be pressed against the curves of the body and catch any debris or fluid.


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  2. Flushmee Moist Wipes 50 Pack

    Flushmee Moist Wipes 50 Pack

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    Flushmee Moist Wipes 50 Pack are ideal for intimate cleansing, they moisturise and condition the skin and can be flushed down the toilet, specifically designed for continence care with a five-in-one action. 

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Most accidents in the home happen in the bathroom so we at Ability Aware have gathered and supply a variety of bathroom accessories and aids to assist you in remaining SAFE! but also just as importantly, independent, whilst in the bathroom. We supply different lengths, angles and make of grab rails to help you walk around or stand up and balance.  We off a selection of bath lifts such as the Aquila bath lift or our Neptune bath lift.  Just imagine being able to get a bath and not have to be in agony trying to sit down or get out of it!  A click of a button and you'll be bathing in style!  We also have swivel bath seats to enable to sit over the bath and support your legs.  We have bath boards and bath seats, like our medina seats of different heights to suit you and our Surefoot which is a genius bathvboard that suckers onto the inside of your bath so you are truly secure. The accessories we offer so many helpful gadgets.  From tap turners to grip mats, we also stock different types of sponge soap applicators which you can mould the handles of to suit your own reach. Protecting a plaster cast? We have a range of waterproof cast protectors. If you're stuggling to get to the shower at the moment, going in for an operation or are bed bound we also have shampoo caps and shampoo basins.  As always we try to keep our prices set at some of the lowest around, and we're here to offer advice to any queries you might have. It makes the biggest difference just having a wash.  Everybody feels better.  So have a look through our selection and see what could help you feel good again.



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