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Mobility aids

Our Personal Care range offers a range of the best suited mobility aids, for assisting you with everyday tasks. Our Comfort section provides you with a range of mobility aids that seek to make you as comfortable as possible, whilst resting.

Our Comfort section provides you with a range of mobility aids that seek to make the user as comfortable as possible. Products such as electric foot warmers, heated back warmers, slippers, hot water bottles, wheat bags, therapeutic heating pads and arthritic gloves, look to provide you with the additional comfort you desire.

Within the Pressure care section, products such as Mackenzie super rolls, shape rolls, airbacks, round rolls, heavy duty rolls, plus chiro cushions, ring cushions and memory foam seat cushions, offer you high quality pressure relief and additional comfort whilst sitting and resting.

The Dressing section offers a number of practicle mobility aids for users seeking assistance when dressing, such as plastic shoe horns, combs, brushes, chiropodist scissors, shoe removers, button hooks, pant aids, sock aids and tights and stocking pullers.

Our Continence section provides both practical guidance and valuable information on the subject of Incontinence, with suggestions on how best to treat Incontinence, symptoms of particular forms of incontinence, ect. The information provided should be used as supplementary information when making the decision on how best to treat particular forms of incontinence. The final decision on how best to treat your incontinence should be made in consultation with your GP.

The Protection section consists of an array of mobility aids, which look to offer the user, both personal protection, and protection around the home. Products such as ladies hip protectors, palm protectors, mattress covers, re-useable seat protectors, re-useable bed protectors, re-useable bed pads, re-useable seat pads and Lilbed disposable furniture protectors, provide the user with such protection.

Within the Personal section we offer a number of products to assist you with everyday tasks and common ailments. Our pill organisers, pill crushers, pill cases and pill removers, assist the user with taking, and organising, their medication. We also provide eye drop dispensers, circulation massagers, mini massagers and self treatment books, for treating the back and neck.

Ability Aware - Mobility Aids and Disability Aids Specialist Retailer

Offering an extensive collection of high quality Mobility Aids and Disability Aids at affordable prices is the cornerstone of Ability Aware. Our mobility aids are designed to help the elderly and disabled remain Independent and live at home more freely.

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